How to Take the Malta to Gozo Ferry and Fast Ferry

Embark on a journey between the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, discovering the connectivity offered by the two reliable ferry services – Gozo Channel from Cirkewwa and the Valletta to Gozo Ferry provided by Gozo Highspeed.

For the locals of the Maltese islands, the ferry is more than just an option; it serves as a vital link connecting them to the sister Island of Gozo. In this comprehensive guide, we'll get you ready with everything needed, from hassle-free ways to reach the ferry terminals by bus, car, or taxi, details of flexible schedules, ticket prices, and night travel discounts, providing a smooth and cost-effective journey.

We'll also cover essential information about Mgarr Harbour and the arrival point for both ferries and explore convenient transportation options to explore Gozo further. Whether you're a first-time tourist discovering the hidden treasures of Gozo or a visitor returning for more, this guide will provide you with all the essential details for your trip.

Ferry Facts and Operators

Regarding the Gozo ferry service, you have two convenient options at different locations for crossing from Malta to Gozo. One option is the ferry from Cirkewwa, operated by the Gozo Channel with four ships. The other option is the Valletta to Gozo ferry provided by Gozo Highspeed, featuring two fast ferries. These services ensure seamless connectivity between the two beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo.

The Gozo Channel, a trusted name in the region, has been serving both locals and tourists since 1979. In 2021, Malta welcomed its first fast ferry to Gozo, encouraging visitors to leave their cars behind. 

Operating from the capital city of Malta, Valletta, this Gozo Highspeed service marked a momentous milestone. It offers the fastest connection between Valletta and Mgarr, Gozo, reigniting a vital link discontinued in 2016 by the Gozo Channel operator from Sa Maison, Pieta.

Cirkewwa Gozo Channel Ferry

How to get to Cirkewwa

When it comes to reaching Cirkewwa, Malta Public Transport offers numerous options, with two dedicated bus routes, Bus number 41 and Bus number 42, directly connecting you to Cirkewwa. If you arrive at the Malta International Airport and need a hassle-free journey to Cirkewwa, the express Bus X1 will take you there in under an hour. Other bus routes to Cirkewwa from towns and villages can be found here.

The route is straightforward for those who prefer to drive to Cirkewwa, with clear road signs. You can also enter "Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal" into navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps for seamless directions. Once you reach Cirkewwa, follow the car signs leading to the ferry terminal queue.

Additionally, if you're looking for convenient transportation options, Malta offers a range of taxi services, including traditional white taxis and ride-hailing services like eCabs, Bolt, and Uber, available nationwide.


The four vessels made the convenience of flexible timetables and daily schedules possible. With 90 crossings, a short trip operates almost 24 hours a day. The first ferry sets sail as early as midnight, and departures continue until 11:15 p.m., ensuring an option for every schedule. With an approximate 25-minute travel time, these short sails run almost every 45 minutes. Please click here to remain informed about the departure schedule. 


Foot Passengers:
  • Children's fare (aged 3-12): €1.15
  • Standard foot Passenger Fare: €4.65
  • Car And Driver Standard Fare (car + driver): €15.70
  • Standard Motorcycle & Rider Fare: €8.15
  • Bicycle Standard Fare: €1.15

Night Travel Discounts:

Standard Passenger Night Fare: €4.05
  • Departing Mgarr, Gozo, after 08:00 pm and before the first-morning trip from November to March.
Car And Driver Standard Night Fare: €12.80
  • Leaving Mgarr, Gozo, November to March
Standard Motorcycle & Rider Night Fare: €6.95
  • Crossing between Cirkewwa, Malta, and Mgarr, Gozo, and vice versa, between 01:30 and 04:30 hours within the winter timetable period.

Night fares are only applicable to all passengers except Gozitan permanent residents.

Ticket Purchase

For foot passengers, the ticket purchase process is straightforward. Head over to the passenger terminal at Mgarr Harbour to buy your tickets; however, if you're travelling with a vehicle, you'll need to proceed to the ticket booth to pay the fare. Afterwards, you'll join the vehicle queue, where an officer will scan your ticket and wait to board.

Onboard Amenities and Services

Enjoy the outside deck and lounge on board the Gozo Channel vessels. A well-stocked snack bar offers hot and cold beverages and snacks. On the opposite side, you'll find a shop with magazines, newspapers, gifts and souvenirs. Additionally, restrooms are located on the first floor.

Valletta Gozo Ferry

How to get to the Fast Ferry

  • By Bus: Take any bus to Valletta; it will bring you to the last stop at the main bus station.
  • On Foot: The Valletta Gozo Ferry terminal is a quick 10-minute walk away from the bus station.
  • Shuttle Benefit: Enjoy a free shuttle service on bus X133 to the ferry terminal at the Grand Harbour.
  • Taxis and Cabs Service: Traditional white taxis and ride-hail services like eCabs, Uber, and Bolt are available for drop-offs at the ferry terminal.
  • Parking Note: If you're driving, car parking near the terminal can be challenging.


You'll find flexible daily schedules with 23 crossings. The first ferry departs at 5:45 a.m., and the last ferry sails at 9:15 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, there's an additional last departure at 10:45 p.m. Each crossing takes approximately 45 minutes and operates nearly every hour. To stay updated on any timetable updates, please click here.


  • Standard Fare (One Way): €7.50
  • Gozo Residents: €2.25
  • University of Malta and MCAST Gozitan Students: €4.50
  • Seniors and Disability Card Holders: €3.00
  • Children (4 to 10 years): €3.00
  • Infants (Up to 3 years): FREE

Online Booking Offer:

  • Special Offer: €9.50 with a return ticket

Bicycles, E-Scooters and E-Bikes:

  • Bringing your bicycle, E-Scooter, or e-bike along for the journey? Good news - it's free of charge!

Ticket Purchase and Online Booking:

When booking your Gozo fast ferry tickets online, you have two options. Booking your tickets online not only guarantees your spot but also offers a discounted price. If you prefer the traditional way, you can purchase your ticket in person at the ticket office at the dock before boarding.

Mgarr Harbour Arrival Point

Both ferries dock at the port of Mgarr Gozo. Once you arrive and are ready to explore Gozo, you'll discover a range of transportation services similar to Malta. To reach Gozo's main station in Victoria, you have the convenience of choosing between bus number 301 and bus number 323.

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Travel Tips and Information

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Bad weather and Safety Guidelines

Weather conditions can affect the schedule of both Gozo ferries, leading to cancellations. These decisions are made with passenger, vehicle, and crew safety in mind. Suppose you're driving to Cirkewwa during bad weather; it's essential to follow the advice provided by Transport Malta or the Gozo Channel team to board from the South Quay terminal. Alternatively, if you're taking the fast ferry from Valletta, you can seek guidance at the information office. During your visit, it's essential to stick to the safety guidelines on the ferries.

Accessibility and Special Needs

Accessibility for passengers with special needs is a top priority on both ferries. You can expect ramps and elevators to ensure smooth and hassle-free accessibility. Additionally, dedicated crew are readily available to provide the support you may require.


Are pets allowed on the Gozo Ferries?

Yes, pets are allowed on the Gozo Ferries. When you opt for the Gozo Fast Ferry, each passenger can travel with up to two pets and must be declared during the booking stage. On the Gozo Channel ferries, pets must be leashed or kept in a pet container. They are only allowed in the lobby area as well as in all the outdoor spaces of the vessels.

Can I Travel with a Rental Car from Malta to Gozo?

Yes, if you rent a car in Malta, you can travel to Gozo. The rules and regulations regarding cars fall under the same legal framework, which means you won't require any additional documents or permits to make this journey.

Does the Ferry operate all year?

Yes, both ferries operate year-round unless further notice is issued due to rough weather conditions.

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