Tas-Sanap Cliffs in Gozo: Stunning Natural Beauty

Gozo, the second largest island on the Maltese archipelago, is famous for its stunning cliffed coastline and landscapes. The Sanap Cliffs in Gozo stand out as a must-see for all tourists planning a trip to Malta.

This fantastic destination offers the perfect vantage point to witness the breathtaking sunset on the island of Gozo. The hikes along the Sanap Cliffs are among the most beautiful coastal walks, making it a highlight for visitors all year round. Explore the beauty of Malta and Gozo by visiting the Sanap Cliffs.

In this article, we provide essential information on how to get to the Sanap Cliffs, reach the starting point and discover exciting things to do to plan your journey to this beautiful island and make the most of your exploration.

Where is Sanap Cliffs?

The Sanap Cliffs are located close to Sannat, Xlendi, and the village of Munxar on the southern coastline of Gozo Island, Malta.

Getting to Sanap Cliffs

Sanap Cliffs with Yippee Malta

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By Car

Arriving by car is a straightforward process. As you approach the cliffs, you'll locate a narrow road leading to a small parking space at the road's end. The starting point for your journey is marked by a "Private Property" sign at the parking area, signalling a short 300-meter walk to the viewpoint.

TIP: While finding parking is generally easy, availability may vary depending on the time of year, season, and weather conditions. Remember that during late afternoons, particularly in summer, the parking site can fill up quickly, as it is a popular spot for locals to regularly gather and enjoy the sunset.

By Bus

Explore optional links to reach the Sanap Cliffs by catching either bus number 305 or bus number 306 from Victoria.

Take off at the Spir bus stop and embark on a scenic walk of approximately 20 minutes, heading down Il-Pinnur. Make a left turn onto Triq ta’ Bebunaq and continue your walking journey onto Triq it-Tilliera, covering a distance of around 1.5km.

By Taxi

Alternatively, you can effortlessly reach the exact location of the Sanap Cliffs by catching a taxi, including traditional white taxi services and ride-hailing apps such as eCabs, Uber and Bolt.

Things to Do

Watch the Sunset on the Mediterranean Sea

Make it a must to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea at Sanap Cliffs! If you're staying in Xlendi, take a 30-minute walk to reach the perfect viewpoint. Join the many locals who frequently visit Xlendi Tower, following the coast until they reach the highest points of Sanap.

Capture the most beautiful sunsets at this excellent spot, where the sun descends behind the cliffs, casting a fascinating reflection on the sea. The sunset viewpoint is one of the most beautiful on the Maltese Islands to capture photos, offering stunning views and picturesque moments.

The Famous Trail Along the Southern Coastline on Gozo Island

The Starting Point of The Trail

Embark on this panoramic trail accessible from Sannat to Xlendi Bay, allowing you to witness the stunning landscapes! Start your walk from the drop-off point on Triq it-Tilliera. Head west towards the corner where the street meets Triq Ras in-Newwiela, then follow the coastline to reach the highest point, Il-Pinnur. Cross south along the trail, enjoying the panoramic views of Ta' Cenc Cliffs on your left.

Upon reaching the edge, turn right and continue west towards Xlendi. Encounter challenging terrain with narrow and irregular ground, all while following the path marked with red dots for a safe hike. Witness your first glance at Xlendi, with beautiful cliffs framing the Tower of Xlendi. Beyond the tower lies the salt pans of Xlendi.

Continue walking, cross the footbridge, and explore the Xlendi Bay walk. Conclude this famous trail with a refreshing dip in the sea, making the journey from Sannat to Xlendi Bay a fantastic experience.

The Trail to Xlendi Bay and Xlendi Tower

Embark on the Xlendi Bay Walk and enjoy the panoramic landscapes surrounding the Sanap Cliff, Xlendi Bay, and Xlendi Tower. This coastal trail reveals stunning landforms and untouched scenery, featuring highlights such as Mgarr ix-Xini, Ta' Cenc Cliffs, and the Sanap Cliff edge.

Enjoy a lovely journey along the paved path, enjoying the seaside beauty. While enjoying the scenic views, take a break at one of the restaurants along the coastline. You'll discover the Xatt l-Ahmar Salt Pans as you cross the path.

Nearby, within walking distance, diving enthusiasts can visit the famous MV Karwela Ship Wreck diving site, the Xatt l-Ahmar Wreck Dive Site. Enjoy exploring Sanap Cliff, Xlendi Bay, and Xlendi Tower on this beautiful course along the paved bay walk.

Sanap Cliffs to Ta' Cenc Cliffs Trail

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Gozo's cliffed coastline on the trail from Sanap Cliff to Ta' Cenc Cliffs. The distance from the village of Sannat offers a scenic 45-minute walk along the beautiful coastline. 

The cliff view is stunning, especially during the sunset over the coast along the path. The Ta' Cenc Cliffs, towering at a height of 150 meters, stand as the highest cliffs in Gozo.

A spectacular trail that promises a fantastic experience, allowing you to appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery of Sanap Cliff, Ta' Cenc Cliffs and the surroundings along the way.


Diving lovers can enjoy an exceptional underwater experience in the crystal-clear sea at the Sanap Cliffs, southwest of Gozo, near "Dawra Tas-Sanap." With visibility exceeding 40m, this dive spot is a haven for those eager to enjoy the underwater.

Situated to the west, hidden from north-westerly winds, the site showcases outstanding features, including vertical cliffs and a ledge of 8 meters depth serving as an anchor point for boats.

Descending west from the ledge, a vertical wall unveils a cavern for exploration, while to the east of the ridge lies a second cave adorned with small reefs.

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