Visit Gozo Island (Malta): What to See, Do and Explore

Nestled in the heart of the Maltese Islands, Gozo, or "Ghawdex," affectionately known by the locals, attracts tourists with the promise of tranquillity, a slower pace, and a serene getaway from the bustling world. This hidden gem, often called "Il-Gzira tat-Tliet Gholjiet" in Maltese, which translates to "The Island of Three Hills," perfectly encapsulates the island's geographical heart and hints at its enchantment.

With an entire population of around 39,000 residents occupying its 67 square kilometres (26 square miles) of land, Gozo offers an idyllic retreat from the fast pace of modern life. As you step onto this tranquil haven, the real change in ambience washes over you like a gentle, welcoming breeze. Here, the clock ticks a little slower, and the world turns more leisurely, inviting you to embrace a more simple, serene existence.

The island of Gozo is far from a sleepy backwater. It's where ancient traditions echo through time, historical wonders stand as a testament to its rich past, and gastronomic delights tantalise wanderers' taste buds. Crystal-clear waters beckon visitors, while age-old traditions offer glimpses into the soul of this Maltese island.

Join us as we journey to uncover the captivating allure of Gozo Island. This destination promises not just a visit but a refreshing experience. Whether young or young at heart, Gozo has a unique charm that will capture your spirit and leave an unforgettable mark on your soul. So, let's venture forth and explore the wonders of this charming Mediterranean heaven.

Getting to Gozo

Visiting Gozo on a Day Trip

If you're short on time and eager to experience as much as possible, Yippee Gozo Tours, the No.1 tour operator on the island, provides complete island tours with convenient pick-up and drop-off services from Malta or Gozo. These all-inclusive tours ensure you can explore Gozo's main attractions in a single-day trip, making the most of your visit. 

Our outstanding fleet of brightly coloured painted Tuk Tuks with typical Gozitan patterns is the most popular and well-reviewed choice in Gozo, together with our high-powered state-of-the-art 570cc Quad Bikes (ATV).

Ferry Options

There are two other options to get to Gozo when planning your journey between Malta and Gozo Island:

  1.  Firstly, you can opt for the Gozo Highspeed ferry departing from the ferry terminal at the grand harbour of the Maltese Islands, Valletta, which will take you to Malta's sister island in just 45 minutes. Tickets need to be purchased for every trip, and you can do so online in advance.
  2. Alternatively, you can get to Gozo using the main Gozo Ferry, which crosses the Gozo Channel and departs from Cirkewwa, which offers a shorter 25-minute crossing. It's worth noting that both ferry services accommodate foot passengers. At the same time, vehicle transportation is only available through the Gozo Channel Ferry. You only need to pay for your return to Malta.

Both ferry trips will take you to Mgarr harbour.

Transport in Gozo

Public Transport

You'll find a network of 15 public bus routes when you visit Gozo. Most public buses are scheduled to run every hour in each direction. This consistent schedule remains unchanged throughout the entire week, both winter and summer. For more detailed information, including the Gozo network map and a basic bus schedule, you can easily access it through the Tallinja app, which you can download when visiting Gozo. The main bus station in Victoria connects all Gozo towns and villages for convenient transportation access.

Car Rental

When exploring the Island of Gozo, multiple car rental services are available to get you rolling. Early booking on online platforms is highly recommended for a smooth trip during the high season; however, walk-ins are widely available, mainly at the Mgarr Harbour and Ir-Rabat (Victoria). Rest easy as clear road signs and handy apps like Google Maps and Waze make navigation easier. While parking can be challenging during peak times, arriving early significantly improves your chances of finding a convenient spot.


When exploring Gozo, you have a few options for convenient transportation. As soon as you set foot on Gozo, you'll find various choices, including traditional white taxis and ride-hailing services like eCabs, Uber, and Bolt. These options ensure a hassle-free way to reach your desired destination while you explore Gozo.

5 Facts about Gozo

A Sacred Island

Gozo boasts 46 Catholic churches, including Europe's third-largest unsupported dome, the Xewkija Rotunda in the village of Xewkija, and the iconic Ta' Pinu. Pope John Paul II graced Ta' Pinu in 1990, adorning the image with five golden stars, symbolising Gozo's deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Pope Benedict XVI honoured it with a prestigious Golden Rose in 2010, while the current Pope Francis visited in April 2022. These events highlight Ta' Pinu's spiritual significance and connection to Papal praise.

Underwater Wonderland

With over 80 dive sites, Gozo ranks among the world's top diving destinations, including 47 Reef dives, 31 Wreck dives, and 25 Cave dives.

Gbejna t'Ghawdex | Gozo Cheeselets

The Gozo Cheeselet, locally called "Gbejna t'Ghawdex," is a delicious secret handshake into Gozitan cuisine with the irresistible flavours of these cheeselets, each carrying the wisdom of recipes passed down through generations.

Nadur Spontaneous Carnival

The Carnival of Nadur in Gozo draws thousands of visitors, including enthusiastic Maltese locals. The village bursts with fun and inventive costumes during these beloved celebrations, making it popular in Europe.

Small Island, Big Movies

Gozo was the backdrop for famous Hollywood movies like Game of Thrones, World War Z, and By the Sea (filmed entirely in Mgarr Ix-Xini starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), along with Clash of Titans, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen featuring Sean Connery.

Attractions and sightseeing

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Top 5 Villages not to be missed

Ir-Rabat (Victoria)

The rich history of Ir-Rabat (Victoria), Gozo's capital city, is home to the Citadel, museums, It-Tokk market and charming squares that showcase the island's cultural heritage.


Dive into Gozo's heritage at the L-Gharb Folklore Museum, showcasing traditional trades, crafts, and the captivating stories of local legends like Frenc ta' l-L-Gharb.


In-Nadur is a traditional village with spectacular land and sea views, decorated by the Baroque Parish Church and a maritime treasure trove. The 1848 British-built Ta' Kenuna Tower is not to be missed while in Nadur.


The charming seaside town of Xlendi in Gozo is known for its stunning cliffs, rich history, pristine beach and picturesque destination. Not to be missed along the way from Victoria to Xlendi is "Il-Fontana", where natural springs and historical arches represent the essence of this charming village.


Lush valleys surround the captivating village of ix-Xaghra in Gozo, and it is home to UNESCO-listed Ggantija temples, charming windmills, unique museums and best hikes on the Island.

Historical and Cultural Sites

The Citadel

The marvellous Citadel of Gozo, rooted in the Neolithic period, stands tall as a historical gem and a sanctuary against ancient threats. This ancient fortified city, now known as Victoria, boasts diverse architectural influences shaped over centuries. History buffs, brace yourselves for a journey through time, discovering the island's resilient heritage.

Moreover, the Citadel offers spectacular views and a 360-degree panorama of Gozo's lush countryside, rolling hills, and charming villages, making it an unmissable destination. Explore Victoria's extraordinary past and the stunning surrounding countryside at this captivating stronghold.

Ta Pinu

Step into Gozo's architectural masterpiece, Our Lady of Ta Pinu sanctuary. Situated at Gozo's scenic landscapes, this spiritual haven attracts pilgrims worldwide. Explore the basilica's rich history, awe-inspiring architecture, and deep spiritual allure. Each step within unveils timeless devotion and faith's solace.

The Minor Basilica's square, adorned with Jesuit Father Marko Ivan Rupnik's mosaic walls, invites pilgrims to pray and reflect on the rosary's mysteries. Inside, tranquillity and affection shine. Stained glass windows, Maltese stone's vibrant hues, cast a celestial glow, embracing the Virgin Mary's presence.

The basilica's sacred space holds profound meaning, centred on the iconic Our Lady of Ta Pinu. This enduring connection to the Blessed Virgin inspires affection and respect among devoted pilgrims.

Ggantija Temples

Venture to Gozo's stunning Ggantija Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. More aged than the Egyptian pyramids, these megalithic wonders showcase ancient engineering marvels.

As treasured archaeological gems of the Maltese Islands, Ggantija Temples unlock the secrets of prehistoric Malta. Step into the past and delve into the world of our ancient ancestors, exploring these incredible megalithic structures.

Natural Wonders

Dwejra, Inland Sea, Blue Hole and Fungus Rock

Dwejra, a mesmerising coastal wonder in San Lawrenz on the west coast of Gozo, boasts breathtaking Mediterranean sea sceneries. Its crystal clear waters lead you to swim in the deep sea, enjoy the tranquil shallows of the inland sea, or enjoy the foamy embrace of the Blue Hole.

Dwejra's allure extends to Fungus Rock, locally known as "Il-Gebla tal-General" or General's Rock. This massive offshore rock at the Dwejra Bay entrance showcases a unique hole that pierces through it, casting stunning reflections on the water below.

At Dwejra Point, the Inland Sea is a secluded bay connected to the open sea through a vast 80-meter tunnel. The tunnel's walls are steep, vertical, and sometimes overhanging. The dive begins at just 6 meters, swiftly dropping to 15 meters, with the seabed reaching 25 meters halfway through. As you look into the deep indigo stretch of the open sea, you'll be treated to an awe-inspiring scenery.

Gozo's iconic Blue Hole is a natural rock formation resembling an upright tube carved by millennia of wind and wave forces. While it may appear as though this geological phenomenon is carved into the surrounding rocks, an underwater arch, lying 10 meters beneath the surface, links it to the open sea, rendering it an incredible creation of nature. A large cave at the base of the hole is also worth a dive.

Regrettably, the Azure Window, a magnificent limestone arch, once enriched the Dwejra Bay seascape. The Azure Window featured prominently in the famous Game of Thrones series. On the 8th of March 2017, the nation mourned the sadly collapsed Azure Window when news spread. Although the Azure Window is gone, exploring this coastal gem in San Lawrenz, Gozo, you'll immerse yourself in its natural marvels.


The Island of Gozo boasts a stunning coastline adorned with countless beautiful beaches. Three prominent ones stand out: Ramla Bay, Dwejra Bay, and San Blas Bay.

Ramla is a beloved gem on the island. It proudly holds the reputation of being one of Malta and Gozo's most prominent and most sought-after sandy beaches. Ramla Bay is praised for its breathtaking, untouched beauty, pristine landscapes, and many outdoor activities that cater to every visitor's desires.

Dwejra is a stunning destination graced with scenic coastal formations and the sea gracefully spilling over wild rocks. This picturesque spot offers a diverse array of swimming opportunities, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the astonishing deep sea of the bay or engage in underwater photography.

San Blas is a tranquil and remote sandy haven on the island's peaceful north coast. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, this bay provides an excellent location for a leisurely swim or an adventurous snorkelling expedition among the rocky outcrops.

Discover the top 15 beaches here that showcase the natural splendour of this Mediterranean paradise for those seeking even more beach options on the enchanting island of Gozo.

Tal-Mixta Cave

Tal-Mixta Cave, perched high on the headland overlooking Ramla Bay in Gozo, is a beloved gem adored by both locals and tourists. Its cliffside location offers panoramic sceneries of the open sea and the impressive red sandy beach below. Visitors flock here for breathtaking sunset views, a wonder not to be missed. During peak seasons, when the cave may become crowded, a helpful tip is to face the red sandy beach and look to the right, where a small entrance leads to an alternate viewpoint.

Salt Pans

The stunning Xwejni Salt Pans, nestled just outside Xwejni Bay in Zebbug Gozo, offer a captivating glimpse into the traditional method of harvesting salt from nature. Set in shallow, square pools, seawater is left to interact with the elements. Seawater transforms through wind and evaporation, leaving the precious salt in the salt pans behind. The salt is meticulously gathered and manually packed once a month during the summer months. You can explore the unique salt pans through tours available on all Quad Bike and TukTuk Tours' itineraries by Yippee Malta.

Outdoor Activities

Water Sports

Gozo is a water sports paradise, providing many exciting activities to immerse yourself in. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating, SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), crazy sofa rides, boat trips, fishing expeditions, and Jet skiing. Some even offer underwater photography opportunities. Most beaches around Gozo provide rentals for your preferred water sports activities. Dive into the excitement and make the most of your ocean adventures on this lovely island.

Diving and Snorkelling

Explore the vibrant marine life beneath the Mediterranean Sea's deep waters by snorkelling or uncover the treasures of Gozo's dive sites. You'll discover an exhilarating playground, whether a beginner or an experienced diver. Gozo is well-known as one of the world's top diving destinations, boasting five of the most popular diving sites on the island. Dive in and immerse yourself in the Mediterranean's underwater wonders. 

The Blue Hole in Dwejra is a must-visit and is considered one of Gozo's top diving spots. Reqqa Reef, situated on the island's northern side, boasts a cape at Reqqa Point with cracks and gaps teaming with marine creatures like groupers, octopuses, and big scorpion fish. The Inland Sea and Tunnel, stretching from the Inland Ocean to the open sea at Dwejra, offer diving depths of up to 25 meters and are rich in aquatic life. The 3 Wrecks Dive includes three distinct diving sites at "Ix-Xatt l-Ahmar", where the wrecks of MV Karwela, MV Xlendi, and MV Cominoland have transformed into thriving reefs. Mgarr ix-Xini is picked as the most popular night dive place renowned for its diverse species, including gurnards and seahorses.

Hiking and Cycling

The Island of Gozo attracts avid hikers and cyclists to explore its characteristic hills and breathtaking terrains. The island's rolling terrain promises rewarding challenges with scenic countryside views and seascape. Whether on foot or pedalling through country roads and rural trails, various routes await your discovery.

To immerse in awe-inspiring panoramas, follow the coastal paths offering sheer cliffscapes. You can cover the entire coast in 4 to 5 days, often hiking a part and then taking a bus back to your starting point. Alternatively, for the more fitness-inclined, complete the whole coastal trek. 

Remember to engage with friendly locals for route insights. Inland hikes offer charms, though you may encounter more vehicles and fellow travellers. Cyclists should opt for country roads over busier thoroughfares, quickly crossing the island in a day. Rental bikes are readily available at budget-friendly rates.

Where to Stay in Gozo

Accommodation options

Escape the rush and find peace in Gozo's distinct accommodations. The island offers numerous lodging options, from five-star hotels and spas to traditional farmhouses, exuding character and commanding Mediterranean Sea sights. Gozo caters to various preferences, offering quality B&B, three, four, and five-star hotels, and many boasting excellent onsite restaurants. Boutique hotels infuse style into your Gozo experience. For a lower budget, family-run guesthouses and B&Bs are widely available. Independents can choose from various self-catering options, from seaside flats to luxurious farmhouses.


Gozo hotels and other accommodations are conveniently spread throughout the island, offering uncomplicated access to every village square, mainly in Nadur, Xewkija, Xaghra, Qala, Marsalforn, Xlendi, and Sannat. These squares are home to lovely accommodations and boast a dynamic scene with excellent restaurants, bars, and shops, making them the perfect base for your Gozo trip. The village squares genuinely represent the heart and soul of Gozo's local life.

Early booking during peak seasons

For a stress-free experience during peak seasons, securing your accommodations with early bookings is advisable. This ensures you can access the best deals and avoid last-minute price increases, assuring a hassle-free stay. Don't wait—book early and enjoy every moment of your journey on the Gozo island without worries.

What to Eat

Local Cuisine

During your trip to Gozo, take advantage of the opportunity to savour some of the best food of traditional Gozitan cuisine. The island's culinary treasures include Gbejniet, Pastizzi, and tasty rabbit dishes. Pair these delights with a glass of local wine, complemented by olives, coriander-flavoured Maltese sausage, broad bean paste locally known as "Bigilla", sundried tomatoes, and galletti.

Before hitting the beach, make sure you get a "hobza biz-zejt," a beloved snack featuring thick crusty Maltese bread adorned with juicy red tomatoes, mint, onions, sheep's cheese, and anchovies—soaked in exquisite Gozitan fresh produce olive oil. As winter evenings draw near, enjoy the warmth of golden minestra, a hearty vegetable soup, or savour the flavours of aljotta, a garlicky fish soup.

Gozo's wood-fired oven bakeries continue to delight village streets with aromas, crafting the island's iconic ftira—a pizza-like delight you can't miss.


Flea Market

There are multiple street markets in the villages of Gozo; however, the most prominent is the one at Independence Square at the heart of Victoria, locally referred to as "It-Tokk". It-Tokk Market is a bustling open market running daily until noon and has been around for decades. Discover various souvenirs, clothes, textiles, and fresh fruits and vegetables. After shopping, relax at open-air cafes and embrace the charm of Independence Square as you create endless Gozo memories. It-Tokk is a great place and worth a visit!


Gozo offers a convenient shopping experience with supermarkets, mini-markets, and family-run shops across the island. Many of these stores are open seven days a week, ensuring you're always within essentials. Additionally, you can explore online hubs like Bolt and Wolt for hassle-free shopping with the convenience of doorstep delivery. From any food to local delicacies to toiletries and detergents, Gozo's stores cover all your needs.

Shopping Malls

Gozo boasts diverse shopping opportunities with key destinations like Arkadia Commercial Centre and The Duke Shopping Mall in Victoria's heart. These malls offer a vast collection of retail experiences. In addition, you'll discover a wealth of unique offerings throughout the island. Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village in Gharb, one of the oldest villages, is a hub for handcrafted pottery, Gozo lace, glassblowing, and leather goods. Beyond, lovely boutiques provide clothing, gadgets, jewellery, perfumes, health, and beauty products, ensuring you can find everything you want while exploring Gozo's retail scene.

Practical Tips and Information

Best time to visit Gozo

Determining the best time to visit Gozo depends on your preferences and activity interests. Summer provides ideal conditions if you enjoy sunny beach days and don't mind crowds. However, spring and autumn offer a lovely spot for a quieter experience with pleasant weather. They will grace you with comfortable temperatures and fewer tourists. On the other hand, winter presents a different, more tranquil joy with cooler weather. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life, which unfolds more peacefully during this season. So, whether you're into summer sensation or a quieter, cooler visit, Gozo welcomes you year-round.


The Maltese Islands proudly hold the title "300 days of sunshine," and no wonder why. The climate represents the Mediterranean joy, gracing the island with long, sizzling summers and mild winters rarely dropping below 10 degrees. When it comes to European temperatures, Malta and Gozo rank among the best climates in Europe. While January and February bring the coldest days, the peak of summer comes in August, blessing Gozo with up to 12 hours of daily sunshine. Contrarily, December is the wettest month, making it less favourable if you're not a big fan of rain. In contrast, July boasts the driest month, promising a rain-free visit.

Seasonal Events

Festa Season

Experience the rich tradition of the Festa season in Gozo, spanning late May to September. Locals in the towns and villages pay tribute to their patron saints and decorate streets with banners, statues, and colourful festoons, reflecting the Festa passion. Decorated balconies and rooftops displaying flags that unite communities become normal during summer. The vibrant Festa lasts three days or more, with traditional and fast food stalls offering sweet delights like Maltese nougat. Nights come alive with spectacular fireworks displays, especially during the season's highlight, the Santa Marija feast on the 15th of August.

Nadur Carnival

The Nadur Spontaneous Carnival on Gozo is a unique and vibrant celebration that sets it apart from other carnivals and offers something unusual. Malta's carnival scene is known for its lively revelry and imagination, emphasising fun where visitors let loose, as anonymity is guaranteed with masks and heavy makeup. People transform into different personas, change genders for a night, and many more; some are fantastical. Nadur's carnival remains the most unusual and free-spirited of all Maltese events. It's a five-night extravaganza offering a chance to escape reality and embrace the ridiculousness of it all.

Gozo Delicata Classic Wine Festival

Gozo's Delicata Classic Wine Festival is a major seasonal event, drawing visitors from all over, including many locals from both Islands. The grandest wine event of the year unfolds in the picturesque village of Nadur at the 'Gnien il-Kunsill,' in collaboration with Nadur Local Council.

Useful Information

The Gozo General Hospital is the only one at Triq l-Arcisqof Pietru Pace Victoria.

  • Emergency: 112
  • Police: 112
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire Brigade: 112
  • Gozo Hospital: 21561600
  • Victoria Health Centre: 22156820
  • Helicopter Rescue Service: 21244371
  • Patrol Boat Rescue: 21238797
  • Gozo Channel Ferry: 22109000
  • Gozo Fast Ferry Malta: 99080507
  • Gozo Fast Ferry Gozo: 99080503
  • Animal Welfare: 79691717
  • Direct Dialling Code: +356 or 00356

If you are involved in a road collision, report it to the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) at 21320202 for proper assistance.

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Is there an Airport in Gozo?

No, there is no airport on Gozo; the only airport is on Malta's main island. To reach Gozo from Malta, the only option is by sea. Bus services are available, connecting the Malta International Airport to the ferry terminals in Valletta and Cirkewwa for convenient access to Gozo.

What is Gozo famous for?

Gozo is famous for its treasures, including Ta' Pinu Basilica, the Citadel little city from medieval times, sun-kissed beaches, and world-class diving. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ggantija Temples, Dwejra and the Salt Pans add to its allure. However, the island's most precious gem is the local delicacy known as "Il-Gbejna t'Ghawdex," the beloved Cheeselets of Gozo.

Is Gozo enough for one day?

Certainly! The answer depends on your itinerary. Gozo may be small, but it’s packed with attractions. Public transport is efficient, and you can hop off buses to reach your destination in under 30 minutes.

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