Three-wheeling, fun-loving Yippee!

Yippee founder had a vision – one that would overhaul tour experiences across the Maltese islands. The tour market was over-saturating itself, providing the same routine solutions over and over, with the main choices involving either jeeps or quad bikes.

They say 3 is the magic number and rightly so! Sandro, Yippee founder and CEO, identified a perfect replacement for jeeps, the 3 wheeled Tuk-Tuks. Tuk-Tuks are adored worldwide because of their versatility and charming character - offering a lively, fun way to get around. Tuk-Tuks can carry a maximum of six passengers, with our driver doubling up as a storyteller for our tours. All Tuk-Tuk passengers enjoy a forward-facing position, with complimentary WIFI available on board. Becoming eco-friendly and reducing our carbon footprint was also in our business plan and today, 40% of our Tuk-Tuk fleet is now 100% electric. We are proud to be fun-loving and planet loving too!

Next in line was a replacement for the quad bikes and we set about investigating innovative and safe alternatives. Once again, the number 3 was key! With GoCars standing out as the ideal solution - unique, 3 wheeled, 2 seated, open topped cars – which are quirky and fun, far safer than scooters and without the need to wear helmets. Another perfect find.

Since all good things come in 3´s – we also designed and built (to our own specifications), a 15 meter 75 pax boat. This exclusive luxury sailing vessel lets us transfer from Malta to Gozo guests staying on the main island of Malta, who want a fast, reliable, invigorating, hassle free way to connect to our Gozo tours – together with the chance to get up close to our beautiful coast. The boat also operates various tours on water and incorporates our third island – Comino, within our portfolio of products. We also offer a pick-up and drop off transport service from various locations in Malta.

Yippee is owned and managed by Cominology Ltd. Our headquarters and base are on the island of Gozo, and so that's where our name originates from. Just don´t let the name fool you, because we have expanded our Tuk-Tuk tours to also cover the northern part of the main island – Malta.

Stayed tuned for more innovations and fun coming your way.

Yippee motto is “Come as a guest, leave as a local”