Xlendi Gozo: A Unique Bay to Explore

Welcome to the seaside of Xlendi Gozo on the beautiful Maltese Archipelago. Once a tiny fishing village, Xlendi, known locally as Ix-Xlendi, has grown into a tourist resort, attracting visitors to its stunning bay with rocks bordering the shore and popular swimming spots in its clear blue waters.

The charm of Xlendi extends to its shallow waters, creating a perfect setting for a refreshing swim. The bay features a beach leading to deeper water, making it a popular destination for swimming lovers. This destination, surrounded by lush greenery, offers scenic walks showing various flora and fauna in the valley.

Explore the beauty and history of Xlendi, from its 17th-century tower on the cliffs to the beautiful caves along the coastline. Join us as we guide you through this island retreat, showcasing its year-round appeal and the unique combination of natural wonders that make Xlendi a must-visit.

About Xlendi

Xlendi, well-known for its beach, boasts historical value with tombs dating back to Punic-Byzantine times scattered at St. Simon Point and in the valley. Romans strategically utilised the sheltered port of Xlendi, benefitting from the cliffs that shield the bay from high winds. The reef has witnessed many shipwrecks, leaving Roman amphorae on the seabed.

Ix-Xlendi, with its reef formations, is an ideal diving site for beginners, surrounded by rocks and beautiful underwater landscapes. Beyond its maritime history, Xlendi is a typical Gozitan fishing village. It offers an authentic experience completed by well-served good restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Where is Xlendi?

Along Gozo's southwest coast, Xlendi is located between the villages of Kercem, Munxar, and Fontana. The town of Xlendi is surrounded by the unique character of these neighbouring villages.

How to Get to Xlendi

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Public Transport

To reach Xlendi from Victoria, you can take either bus route 306 or bus route 330. Bus number 306 offers more frequent rides with more stops, and you'll need to stop at a bus stop named Xmun. On the other hand, bus number 330 provides a quicker journey with fewer stops, and your stop will be the Xlendi bus stop.


Easily reached by car from Victoria via the main road, Xlendi is just a 10-minute drive away. Upon entering Xlendi on Triq San Xmun, you'll find a convenient and spacious car park at this prime location.


In Gozo, look out for the traditional white taxis with a typical sign with red letters. Additionally, convenient ride-hailing apps like eCabs, Uber, and Bolt are available to transport you from your location to the destination of Xlendi in Gozo.

Accommodations in Xlendi

A diverse range of accommodations in Xlendi to cater to all preferences and budgets. From conveniently located hotels to lovely guesthouses, classic farmhouses, and self-catering apartments, Xlendi offers a combination of options for every type of traveller, including couples, friends, and families.

Things to Do in Xlendi

Enjoy the small Sandy Beach

Xlendi is a popular swimming area and a must-visit destination, attracting locals and tourists alike. The bay features a small sandy beach with clear blue water, providing an attractive space for a refreshing swim. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, the left side of the bay offers a rocky area, ideal for diving into deeper waters.

The Coastal and Xlendi Bay Cliff Walk

Explore great walks with panoramic views along the coast of this stunning place, surrounded by greenery. The bay, cliffs, and beach create a perfect backdrop for your journey. As you head from the beach towards the tower, the beauty of Xlendi Valley, also known as Il-Kantra Valley, adds an extra layer to your seaside exploration.

Xlendi Tower

With its roots tracing back to 1650, the tower is the oldest among four free-standing watchtowers in Gozo. In the hands of the Local Council and Din L-Art Helwa, the Xlendi tower is situated near the high cliffs; this historic structure can be easily accessed on foot from the main bay, with a 5-10 minute walk. Cross the stone bridge over the lovely inlet of Il-Kantra to reach the tower, a testament to Gozo's rich history.

Caroline Cave

On the right side of the bay, the cliff sides are adorned with caves, among which Caroline’s cave stands out. Accessible by stairs, this cave holds importance as it was donated by Caroline, a wealthy lady from Rabat, to the Augustinian sisters she founded. The sisters used the cave as a private retreat during their swims. Another renowned cave on the right side is the Catherine of Siena Cave, famous for its clear blue water.

Snorkelling and Diving

Xlendi Bay boasts an ideal diving site featuring a shallow 70-meter-long tunnel cave and a scenic reef teeming with marine life. This snorkelling and diving spot makes it perfect for beginners. Beyond its sea popularity, Xlendi Bay houses sites like the Xlendi Tunnel, Xlendi Reef, and Xlendi Underwater Archaeological Park, showcasing wrecks from old times into the beauty of Xlendi Bay's reef formations.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Don't miss visiting the iconic Mount Carmel Church, also known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, during your time in Xlendi. This religious site holds importance and is a must-visit for those exploring Xlendi.

Xlendi Village Feast

One of the main activities representing Xlendi is the famous traditional feast celebrated on the first Sunday of September. This annual event in Xlendi brings together vibrant elements such as band clubs, decorated streets, and stunning fireworks, symbolising the lively spirit that characterises celebrations throughout Malta.

The Traditional ‘Gostra

A unique feature during the feast is the traditional 'Il-Gostra,' a thrilling spectacle where participants compete for a trophy attached to a greasy pole strategically set up like a plank at the water's edge. Whether it's an act of daring or bravery, one thing is sure. If you plan to visit Xlendi, catch a glimpse of the unique and stunning spectacle of "Il-Gostra" at the water's edge.

Xlendi Mill

Constructed in 1955, the Xlendi mill was cut into the cliffs behind the church, featuring an entrance tunnel. The mill comprises a large chamber divided into three floors, housing the grinding and milling tools. Despite the effort invested in its construction, this impressive mill, with its entrance tunnel and multi-floor chamber, unfortunately, never saw operational use.

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