Crystal Lagoon: All You Need to Know For Your Visit

The hidden gem of Crystal Lagoon on Comino Island is just a 10-minute walk from the famous Blue Lagoon. Located on the smallest island in the Maltese Archipelago, it boasts crystal-clear waters, which provide a peaceful escape without the usual crowds.

Accessible only by boat, kayaking, or even swimming, this is a perfect spot for cliff diving, snorkelling, hiking and exploring the sea caves. 

In this article, we'll cover all the information you need before visiting, such as helpful tips, reasons to visit, how to get there and a list of things to do at the Crystal Lagoon on the Maltese Islands.

About Crystal Lagoon Comino Malta

Crystal Lagoon on Comino Island is a sheltered bay framed by towering limestone cliffs. The crystal clear water, with a mostly sandy base around 5-6 meters, offers transparency, creating a stunning turquoise and deep blues stretch. 

Considered an excellent snorkel site, Crystal Lagoon Comino attracts divers with opportunities for cavern, reef, and wreck dives along the bay's border. The surroundings include small sea caves and a 30-meter tunnel outside the cove. 

In high season, particularly when the popular Blue Lagoon experiences a surge in visitors, opting for Crystal Lagoon on Comino Malta emerges as an excellent alternative.

Facts About the Crystal Lagoon

On the western side of Comino Island, Malta, Crystal Lagoon is one of this tiny island's most beautiful and sheltered lagoons. Visible from land but mainly accessible by boat. 

Famous for turquoise waters, Crystal Lagoon is a popular natural area in Malta. It is classified as a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, reflecting the status of the entire Comino Island. This stunning lagoon boasts numerous caves and tunnels, creating an ideal spot for swimmers and divers. 

Among these, Popeye Cave stands out as one of the most stunning caves around Comino. It’s an interesting cave named for the iconic Popeye movie starring Robin Williams that was filmed in Malta. A breeding ground for small fish, the Crystal Lagoon is an excellent spot for snorkelling, nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Reasons to Visit Crystal Lagoon Malta

Besides the fact that this place is truly stunning, there are more reasons to visit Crystal Lagoon. In difference to Blue Lagoon, where there are constant boats coming since most boat trips and charters stop there, Crystal Lagoon offers a much more peaceful experience. 

The crystal clear water of the lagoon lets you experience the untouched beauty with its palette of blue and turquoise hues, creating the perfect scene for visitors. Experience the stunning beauty of the steep cliffs, creating a stunning picture of the surroundings.

The unique feature that adds to the charm of Crystal Lagoon is exploring the tunnel cave. Navigate through hidden caves, including the famous Popeye's Cave, known for its picturesque location and cultural importance. These hidden gems add to the beauty of Crystal Lagoon.

These reasons are only the beginning of what the Crystal Lagoon offers. To truly appreciate it, you must add this destination to your plans. Crystal Lagoon Malta's charm promises a unique getaway into nature's wonders.

Where is Crystal Lagoon?

The Crystal Lagoon is situated on the western side of Comino Island between the islands of Malta and Gozo. This lagoon follows the well-known Blue Lagoon, the most popular destination on the island, drawing visitors globally.

Using Google Maps, locate the Blue Lagoon and walk along the coast to the south, where you'll encounter an area named "L-Ghar ta' Bla Saqaf / It-Tieqa / Taht il-Hnejja".

How to Get to Crystal Lagoon Malta

While there are multiple ways to get to Crystal Lagoon Malta, the ideal option is a boat trip or a private boat tour, especially considering the bay's limited accessibility from the land. 

Find out the best options to reach Crystal Lagoon from Malta, Gozo, and the tiny island of Comino.

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From Malta

The most convenient option to get to Crystal Lagoon is the Comino Ferries, which depart from the north side of Malta and will take you to Comino Island and Crystal Lagoon in less than an hour via a boat trip. Two options are available: a small ferry departing from the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal near the Gozo Channel Ferry or a motorboat leaving Marfa.

The journey to Comino Island takes approximately one hour, with the ferries arriving at the Blue Lagoon. For those considering Comino Ferries, the operating schedule starts at 9:30 am till 6 pm, departing every hour. To reach the departure point, catch bus number 41 or 42. If you opt for the motorboat from Marfa, take off at the l-Ahrax bus stop, while in Cirkewwa, wait for the last bus stop at the ferry terminal.

From Gozo

To get to Crystal Lagoon from Gozo, the only options are ferries and boats leaving from the Mgarr Harbour Ferry Terminal. The journey from Gozo to Comino is just a short 15-minute trip, and to reach the Mgarr Harbour, take either bus number 301 or 323.

While in Comino

Walking or Hiking

The best way to reach Crystal Lagoon's point of view is through a boat trip or private tours such as our Yippe Tours, including the Crystal Lagoon. An alternative is to consider a scenic walk about 20 minutes south of the Blue Lagoon beach on Comino Island to see it from above. 

For walking or hiking during summer, ensure you bring your own snacks and enough water due to high temperatures. The coastal track is short, but the stunning beauty of the surroundings is incredible, with so many stops along the way to appreciate the landscape.


If you want to witness the beauty of Crystal Lagoon and are into kayaking, then there's another way to reach the stunning lagoon. As sea transport is possible only on the Blue Lagoon, you can rent a kayak from up the hill near one of the food trucks.

What Awaits You at the Crystal Lagoon

Now that you know how to reach the Crystal Lagoon on Comino's island, let's find out what awaits you at this stunning lagoon.

The Crystal Lagoon is one of the Maltese Islands' most beautiful and sheltered lagoons. It features turquoise waters, rock formations, yellow limestone cliffs, and white sand beaches, and it's open to various water sports. 

With many opportunities to enjoy the Crystal Lagoon, it is ideal for snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, cliff diving, taking amazing photographs capturing the underwater, and cave exploring.

Things to Do at the Crystal Lagoon


Snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Crystal Lagoon is a fantastic experience. The lagoon's breeding ground is home to multiple small fish, making it an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving around the caves. 

Crystal Lagoon's deep seabeds are a paradise for snorkelers. The area overflows with marine life, featuring camouflage octopuses, seabreams, and clown crabs. This ideal environment for the fish seabed is adorned with giant boulders. 

The Crystal Lagoon also provides the ideal snorkelling setting for underwater exploration, great for both beginners and well-trained. If you are into snorkelling, your gear is a must-have to enjoy the famous world of underwater adventure.

Cliff Diving

With multiple jumping spots ranging from 3 feet to 90 feet, the Crystal Lagoon offers one of the best cliff diving scenes on the Maltese Islands, providing different options suitable for all levels of enthusiasts. 

Those keen to explore this incredible island's wonders taking part in cliff jumping into the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon ensures the adventure of a lifetime. The jump heights cater to individuals of different skill levels, providing an adventure tailored to everyone.

This particular spot is not only easily accessible but also offers enough satisfying height for an adrenaline rush, but putting safety first is a must before every jump. Check for boats or swimmers in your area, especially during high season.

Crystal Lagoon Diving Site

Experience the joy of scuba diving, where sea adventure is on another level, with fascinating underwater landscapes in the crystal-clear waters of Crystal Lagoon.

Crystal Lagoon is a famous scuba diving site popular for sea adventures. The underwater landscape features several large boulders and an additional smaller tunnel adorned with an overhang, providing an environment for scuba lovers.

For enthusiasts eager to explore the underwaters of Comino Island, a must-visit site is the P31 wreck located just further from Crystal Lagoon. This beautiful marine attraction offers an opportunity for underwater photos, making it a sea adventure not to be missed.


Comino Island has many sights within walking distance, considering the size of 3.5 km². It offers a panoramic hiking opportunity along the coast, perfect for any level. One great hike is from the Crystal Lagoon to the Comino Tower. This watchtower is a popular attraction for tourists and locals. 

The tower is a 10-minute walk away with a stunning view over Crystal Lagoon. The Comino Tower has been featured in the famous movie "The Count of Monte Cristo," starring Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce. Good sneakers are highly recommended due to rubble and scrubs. 

A favourite hike among tourists and locals, it offers a chance to explore other points of interest on Comino Island. Most popular during the off-season, this short hike to the tower reveals the scenic beauty of the island and an opportunity to discover other attractions in Comino.

Must See

Beyond the activities in Crystal Lagoon, more is waiting to be explored. As you continue reading, you will uncover many possibilities to make your day well spent on Comino Island.

Explore Popeye’s Cave

Popeye's Cave, named after the iconic Popeye movie, is a unique cave that stands out due to its collapsed ceiling, allowing natural light to stream through a large skylight. This cave with large rocks sticking out of the water reaches the Coral Lagoon, and it's the most photographed cave in Comino.

Known locally as L-Ghar ta' Bla Saqaf, this cave is a must-visit, showcasing the beauty of a unique geological formation. Accessible just outside the lagoon to the east, Popeye's Cave offers a fantastic experience.

Visit Magnificent Sea Caves

Visiting Crystal Lagoon is the second most highly recommended bay on Comino after the Blue Lagoon. Whether you love a sea adventure or hopping on this small island for the day, there is more than a small beach to see; there are small sea caves. 

On the eastern side, near the rocky beach, discover the hidden gem of the small sea cave that may not immediately capture your attention, but once you dive in, you'll quickly fall in love with it. 

Inside the shallow-water grotto, adorned with white sand, is an ideal retreat for those seeking a unique exploration or maritime experience beneath the surface.

Swim Through the Long Tunnel Cave

Comino Island is well-known for its stunning azure water caves decorating the coastline. Following exploring the smaller caves, immerse yourself in the exciting adventure of swimming through the long Tunnel Cave.

Located on the west side of Crystal Lagoon, this extensive 30-meter natural tunnel offers a unique adventure for adventurous visitors who can swim inside. The tunnel cave extends beneath the cliff diving point to the open sea. 

While its size may be slightly restrictive for boats, the Tunnel Cave promises a fascinating experience, especially during the early morning or late afternoon. These times, the blue light mirroring into the cave creates an incredible scene.

Other Things to Visit

Uncover various things to do near Crystal Lagoon, especially if you plan to spend the entire day on Comino.

Upon arriving on Comino Island, all boats first dock at the Blue Lagoon. Before heading to Crystal Lagoon, don't miss the famous Blue Lagoon beach. If you want to venture further, discover the tiny Island of Cominotto on the opposite side of the Blue Lagoon. 

For a less crowded atmosphere, experience the beauty of San Niklaw Bay or enjoy a refreshing swim at the sandy beach of Santa Marija Bay. What about if you're into historical gems? Visit the Santa Marija Chapel, Santa Marija Battery, and Santa Marija Tower.

If you're into abandoned buildings, you must visit one of the largest structures on Comino Island, the abandoned Hospital, built by the British in the 1890s.

Including these attractions in your plan on your day trip to Comino Island, you'll be surprised by the wonders around the Crystal Lagoon.

Helpful Tips for Visiting Crystal Lagoon

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Crystal Lagoon depends on your preference and plans. If you prefer to avoid crowds or visit for hiking, consider planning your visit from April to May or October to November, allowing you to enjoy a quieter pace.

June to September is the best time to visit and enjoy the Crystal Lagoon's crystal-clear waters. These months are the hottest days on the Maltese Islands. Crowds and many charters, including private local boats, will flock to Comino Island.

Avoid Crowds

Planning your visit to the Crystal Lagoon with an early morning trip is highly recommended to fully enjoy the crystal-clear lagoon without the crowds for some time. Aim to arrive early to secure a great spot; leaving late is a good idea. 

Comino Island generally draws many tourists and locals at any time, though in summer, mainly during mid-day, you'll notice the beach packed with visitors. By arriving early, you can make the most of the first hours without the hustle and bustle.


When exploring Comino Island, be aware of its rocky and uneven terrain, which can pose challenges during hikes. Good shoes, providing the necessary support, are essential to avoid potential injuries while exploring the Crystal Lagoon. 

If you plan to spend time by the water on the beach, only a pair of sandals or flip-flops will be enough to be comfortable.

Essential Items to Bring

??When planning a visit to Crystal Lagoon, taking care of the essential items is essential to avoid unexpected scenarios like any other island with hot weather conditions. The Maltese Island temperature reaches 40 degrees in peak times, so sunscreen, plenty of water, snacks, and a towel are necessary.

If you bring items you would like to store before heading to Crystal Lagoon to put your mind at rest while enjoying your time, you can find lockers a few meters away from the Blue Lagoon to store your items, including water sports gear and big luggage.

Food and Drinks

When planning day trips at the Crystal Lagoon, it's essential to know that prices may be higher since the famous destination of Comino experiences peak popularity in the summer. To save money, consider bringing your own food and drinks.

It's important to note that while food trucks are available at the Blue Lagoon, they are not present at the Crystal Lagoon.


The lifeguards are only present in Blue Lagoon to ensure safety; however, it will be more difficult for the guards to reach or notice if they are out of sight. So, if you plan to swim, confirm that it's safe before going to Crystal Lagoon.

Don't swim at all when you see red flags flying, as they indicate the presence of dangerous waves or undercurrents. If you see a double red flag, it’s actually forbidden to swim because of dangerous sea conditions like undercurrents. It's very important to prioritise safety and avoid unnecessary risks.

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Are there any facilities at the Crystal Lagoon Malta?

There are no facilities at the Crystal Lagoon. However, the Blue Lagoon offers all the facilities needed, such as food trucks, rental equipment for water sports, restrooms, showers, luggage storage and charging dock stations. The Blue Lagoon is 700 meters away by a walk from the Crystal Lagoon.

How deep is Crystal Lagoon Comino?

The Crystal Lagoon's depth varies from 1.2 to 15 meters, making it an excellent option for beginners and snorkelling.

Is there a sandy beach in Crystal Lagoon?

No, the Crystal Lagoon doesn't have a sandy beach. Given the size of Comino, you have other sandy beaches within walking distance, such as the nearby Blue Lagoon Beach and Santa Marija Bay. Additionally, on the opposite side of Blue Lagoon, the tiny island of Cominotto has a small sandy beach that you can easily access by boat.

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