Comino Caves: Natural Wonders and Coastline Beauty

Explore the stunning caves along Comino Island, the smallest island on the Maltese archipelago. The Comino Caves, famous for their beauty and impressive formations, are a must-visit destination on any boat trip.

Carved by soft limestone, these caves stretch over 40 meters and offer a stunning experience in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island.

In this article, we discover the secrets of the Comino Caves to help you plan your visit to this untouched beauty. Learn about the caves, including tips on how to get there, and immerse yourself in the joy of snorkelling and diving in the pristine waters of Malta’s Blue Lagoon.

How to Get to Comino

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  • All year round, pass by tours to Comino and its sea caves.
  • Fancy a swim in Summer? Book our sunset tours. (Weather Permitting)
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Tuk Tuk Chauffered Tours

All-inclusive tour prices include

  • Convenient pick-up from Malta or Gozo.
  • Pass by Comino Island and spend the rest of the day in Gozo.
  • A brief tour of Comino Caves.
  • Light traditional Gozitan lunch.
  • All the necessary gear, including fuel and insurance.
  • Explore the must-see attractions in Gozo with an unforgettable experience.
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From Malta with Comino Ferries

  • Comino Ferries has two options: operating from 9:30 am to 6 pm and departing hourly with a 25-minute travel time.
  • Choose from a small ferry from the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal or a Motorboat in nearby Marfa.
  • Secure your place online; Check the schedule and prices or purchase tickets here.

Bus Options to Comino Ferries

  • Catch bus number 41 or bus number 42.
  • Cirkewwa: Embark at your last stop at the ferry terminal.
  • Marfa: Take off at the l-Ahrax bus stop.

Comino Ferries Parking Options

  • Accessible parking lots for cars, depending on the season.
  • Locate Marfa parking or the Cirkewwa parking lot for easier navigation.

From Gozo to Comino

  • A quick 15-minute trip from Mgarr Harbour Ferry Terminal.

By Bus

  • Hop on bus number 301 or bus number 323 to reach Mgarr Harbour.

By Car

  • Access the harbour with three parking lots at Mgarr Ferry Terminal, Mgarr Marina, and Marina Car Park.
  • Parking is available depending on the time of year and season.

By Taxi

  • Traditional white taxis can be spotted on the entire island from the taxi sign in red letters.
  • Ride-hailing apps like eCabs, Uber, and Bolt can take you to the Mgarr Harbour Ferry Terminal.

What are the Comino Caves?

Comino Island brags some of Malta's caves, enriching the island's natural beauty and serving as exciting attractions. Each of these main caves provides a remarkable discovery, showcasing crystal clear waters, unique rock formations, and stunning fauna.

Embark on a fantastic experience at the Comino Caves, a haven for swimmers, snorkelers, and divers. Let's explore the 6 main caves in Comino, where natural beauty meets adventure.

Blue Lagoon Cave

Blue Lagoon on Comino Island is a stunning and unique destination within the Maltese archipelago, featuring bright blue waters and heavenly scenery. Opposite the Blue Lagoon lies the islet of Cominotto, hosting an incredible cave surrounded by blue waters and fascinating rock formations.

The incredible Blue Lagoon Cave crosses from one side of Cominotto Island to another, offering a swim through clear blue waters leading to Cominotto Beach. This small island paradise provides opportunities for swimming and snorkelling in the lagoon, exploring nearby caves for hidden treasures, and soaking in the sceneries of this amazing spot.

Highlighted in the movie "Troy" starring Brad Pitt, the Blue Lagoon Cave is another gem that attracted filmmakers, adding to its appeal as one of the most sought-after cave areas in the Maltese Islands. Discover hidden treasures, fascinating rock formations, and the stunning beauty of Comino's Blue Lagoon waters and its surroundings.

Popeye’s Cave

Popeye's Cave, locally known as L-Ghar ta' Bla Saqaf or it-Tieqa, is a beautiful feature named after the 1980s movie "Popeye," starring Robin Williams, where the iconic character battles a giant octopus.

Situated east of Crystal Lagoon among the Comino Sea Caves, this cave, also called Taht il-Hnejja, meaning under the arch, boasts a massive, open hole with a collapsed ceiling.

The unique charm of this cave lies in its natural light, as a large skylight allows sunlight to penetrate the cavern upon the colossal limestone boulders beneath.

Santa Marija Caves

One of the most famous caves on the Maltese Islands is the stunning sea cave located on the north coast of Comino in the Mediterranean Sea. Santa Marija Cave and Caverns' breathtaking natural beauty fascinates thousands of tourists yearly.

Accessible only by boat tour, these caves, with crystal blue waters and unique rock formations, create a perfect location for swimming and snorkelling. Santa Marija Cave is famous for its marine life, featuring underwater tunnels and multiple air pockets that immerse divers.

Take the chance for a magical adventure at Santa Marija Caves and Caverns, where the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea unfold in a spectacular display.

Lovers Cave

Discover the Lovers Cave, Comino's crown jewel in its cave network. It is a hidden paradise accessible only through boat tours, private charters or personal boats.

This hidden gem features an outstanding depth of about 40 meters, topping in a ten-meter sandy beach, creating an idyllic retreat for adventure seekers. Accessed by anchoring boats outside, visitors plunge into the crystalline waters, swimming toward this hidden cavity.

TIP: For safety, a life ring or a visible floatable device is recommended for swimming help and alerting other boats of your sight.

The Lovers Cave, a secret haven within Comino's caves, ensures an exceptional experience of untouched beauty, where the sandy beach enhances the overall adventure.

Crystal Lagoon Tunnel Cave

Situated on the western edge of Comino, the breathtaking Crystal Lagoon Tunnel Cave unveils itself as a stunning natural wonder. Shaped by centuries of waves, this cave offers visitors a unique passage into the island's heart.

As an underground connection between one side of the island and the Crystal Lagoon, the Tunnel Cave attracts divers and snorkellers to its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. Meanwhile, thrill-seeking cliff divers test their nerves against the rugged limestone cliffs.

Exclusive access to these smaller sea caves is only by boat, enhancing this idyllic location where the cave and the crystal blue waters meet the adventurous spirit of cliff divers.

Monte Cristo Comino Cave

Monte Cristo Cave, located between Santa Marija Cave and Santa Marija Bay, reveals a hidden lagoon inside its mysterious depths. The cave's dark brown walls add an extra layer of mystery to this beautiful location.

Throughout centuries, Monte Cristo Cave served as a shelter for smugglers, sailors, and pirates, drawing inspiration for its name from a movie where Jim Caviezel and Henry Cavill discovered a hidden treasure within the lagoon.

Accessible on foot, from the sea, and even through diving, this hidden gem welcomes adventurers to explore its secrets in the background of blue waters and the hidden lagoon inside Santa Marija Bay.

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving

The Comino caves, especially the Santa Marija caves on Comino Island, are excellent options for snorkelling due to their shallow depths. Snorkellers can fast surface for air at any point, ensuring a worry-free experience. These caves, including the other Comino sea caves, provide an excellent opportunity for underwater exploration.

The Santa Maria caves are an excellent choice for scuba diving lovers. The caves' cracks allow sunlight to filter, creating an ideal environment for underwater photographers and videographers. It's important to note that certification to a depth of 18 meters is required for diving in these caves unless accompanied by a certified instructor.

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