Gozo Sunset Quad Bike Tour: Self-drive adventure!

Gozo Sunset Quad Bike Tour: Self-drive adventure!

 Sunset tour (7 Hours) + pickup/drop-off    Blue Lagoon and Gozo combo    Late start    2-in-1 tour   

Looking to explore Gozo and Comino but prefer a late start? Take our Sunset Tour to swim at the Blue Lagoon (Comino island) at a quieter time of day, followed by an adventure tour in Gozo by Quad Bike as the sun sets!

Book this hassle-free, all-inclusive afternoon & evening Gozo and Comino tour with the #1 tour operator on the island!

This tour is available from 15th May - 15th October (both days included) only!

NEW: Pay just €25 deposit per person to secure your booking!

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From €92.50 per person. Driver minimum age: 21

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 Pay just €25 deposit per person to secure your booking!
 Free Cancellation 24hrs before tour start time
This is an all-inclusive Quad Bike tour
 2-in-1 Tour: Comino and Gozo at a leisurely pace
 Pick up/drop offs in Malta or Gozo
 Private boat transport to both islands
 Light traditional Gozitan Dinner
 Led by Gozo expert drivers
 All required gear, insurance and fuel

Your Blue Lagoon and Gozo sunset tour

After you set off, you’ll head to Comino island first, admiring its rugged caves and the beautiful Crystal Lagoon Bay. You'll be stopping at the Blue Lagoon with free time to enjoy this world-famous bay at a quieter time of day.. It’s a great way to experience this beautiful bay without having to spend the whole day there.

After you arrive in Gozo, you’ll be driving our high-powered Quad Bikes on different types of terrain to explore Gozo’s natural beauty and top sights on this exciting coastal tour.

Following one of our Gozo expert lead drivers, you’ll discover the best that the island has to offer, including hidden gems and off-road paths.

There’s a lot to see and do in Gozo in a day, but many places are difficult to reach by car or bus.

That’s why a Quad Bike tour is the perfect way to combine visiting the top sights with Gozo’s natural beauty in its many remote corners off the beaten path.

Strap your helmet on and get your adventure on with our 570cc (ATV) Quad Bikes. Take in stunning landscapes, picturesque bays and beautiful landmarks and the best part of the day.

So what will your Gozo Quad Bike Sunset Tour with Yippee look like exactly? Here’s all you need to know!

Tour details

  • Tour duration: 7 Hours (excluding transport)
  • Tour starting point: Cirkewwa, Malta
  • Tour start time: 2.15 pm (Prefer an earlier start? Take our regular Gozo Quad Bike tour)
  • Quad Bikes can seat two people (driver + passenger)
  • Driver and passenger can take turns driving (provided both are at least 21 years old).

What’s included?

  • Pick up from and return to Malta or Gozo. We pick you up with Yippee transport and get you back safely to the same spot at the end of the day.
  • Boat crossing to the Blue Lagoon and Comino island, and Gozo on our Yippee boat
  • Light traditional Gozitan dinner
  • Info at every stop from one of our Gozo expert lead drivers (in English and/or French)
  • 570cc (ATV) Quad Bike for the day. Minimum driver age: 21 years
  • Helmets, disposable hair nets, insurance and fuel
  • On the day, an original full valid driving licence is to be presented. Temporary, provisional licences, photos or copies of the driving licence will not be accepted.

Transport pick-up times

Pick-up times and locations depend on your accommodation address. We will provide you with these details during the booking process.

Your day in Gozo - Itinerary

Here’s an outline of what you can expect on this all-inclusive day tour of Gozo and boat tour of Comino.

  1. Pick up from Malta or Gozo and transport to Cirkewwa (ferry port).
  2. Crossing over to Comino island at the Blue Lagoon with our Yippee boat. After a brief tour of Comino’s beautiful caves and its Crystal Lagoon, we’ll stop at the Blue Lagoon. You’ll be able to spend time swimming in its crystal clear water and venturing around the small island of Comino.
  3. Welcome to Gozo! Our Yippee boat will take you to Mgarr Harbour in Gozo next. You’ll meet your Gozo expert for the day, who will give you a detailed operational and safety briefing.
  4. Tour around Gozo. You’ll be stopping at various landmarks and hidden gems and enjoying a light traditional Gozitan dinner. each stop, our multilingual Gozo experts will share their knowledge with you in your chosen language (English/French). We’ll take you to see the Sanap Cliffs (Munxar), Xlendi Belvedere, Cliffs and Caves, Dwejra Bay and its watchtower, Fungus Rock and Inland Sea (San Lawrenz), Wied il-Mielah Window (Gharb), Wied il-Ghasri, Xwejni Salt Pans, Qbajjar and Marsalforn Bay, after which you’ll return to Mgarr Harbour.
  5. Return to Malta and drop off with Yippee transport.
Our unique tour of Comino and Gozo will take you to places no other tour will.

Before we head to Gozo, you’ll stop at the Blue Lagoon at the best time of the day. You’ll have time to go for a swim and/or explore the beautiful (and small) island of Comino. You’ll be asked to return to the Blue Lagoon on time to resume your tour.

On our Quad Bikes, you can reach places regular cars can’t. That means we can explore some real hidden gems while taking you to the more popular sightseeing spots on the island as well.

Island Of Comino

This part of the tour will be done over the sea on our Yippee boat.

Comino Caves

The caves around Comino were naturally formed through thousands of years of shaping by the rough Mediterranean Sea. Today, these caves are popular destinations as their crystal blue waters, and magnificent structures provide an unforgettable experience.

Crystal Lagoon

Right around the corner from the Blue Lagoon, the Crystal Lagoon is just as beautiful but a lot quieter. We’ll be stopping by to take in the sights and offer you the opportunity to swim in this stunning bay.

The Blue Lagoon

Visit the stunning Blue Lagoon later in the afternoon, past the busiest time of day, to enjoy a swim stop. With its crystal clear, azure-coloured waters, this is the #1 most popular swimming spot around the Maltese islands!

You’ll have free time to spend at the Blue Lagoon or venture around on Comino island. At a specified time, you’ll get back on our boat at the Blue Lagoon and continue your tour in Gozo.

Island Of Gozo

Tas-Sanap Cliffs in Gozo: Stunning Natural Beauty

Gozo, the second largest island on the Maltese archipelago, is famous for its stunning cliffed coastline and landscapes. The Sanap Cliffs in Gozo stand out as a must-see for all tourists planning a trip to Malta.

Xlendi Belvedere, Cliff and Caves

Xlendi is a popular coastal destination in Gozo, with beautiful deep blue water in its bay, tall cliffs, and one of the Knights’ watch towers. We’ll stop at the Belvedere near Xlendi Tower, overlooking the bay, for a brief photo opportunity.

Dwejra Bay - San Lawrenz

Few places in the Maltese islands are as impressive as Dwejra Bay, with its beautiful bays, watch tower built by the Knights, Inland Sea, Fungus Rock and Blue Hole dive site. This is the location of where the Azure Window once stood and where the popular hit TV series Game of Thrones filmed scenes for its first season.

At this location, you’ll see

  • Dwejra watch tower - Built by the Knights of St. John to guard these bays against invasion from corsairs or Ottoman Empire forces. It also served to guard Fungus Rock from unauthorised access.
  • Fungus Rock stands tall in Dwejra Bay and was a rare place where Maltese fungus grew in abundance. During the time of the Knights, it was thought this plant had medicinal properties and was highly valuable. The rock was heavily guarded, and its sides smoothened to make climbing impossible.
  • The Inland Sea is a small lagoon and pebbly beach surrounded by tall rock cliffs and connected to the open sea through an open cave. It’s a stunning scene to take in from the top of the cliff!

This remote part of Gozo is much loved by locals, and we’ll have you fall in love with it, too, while quad biking around this area!

Wied il-Mielah Window - Gharb

This massive naturally-formed limestone arch is the last surviving naturally-formed rock-arch window in Gozo. The winding valley that leads you down to the window is called Wied il-Mielah, which translates to ‘Salt Valley’. The 29-metre-high window is a massive block of coralline limestone strong enough to withstand the force of large sea waves, salt erosion, and wind. Watching the waves crash up against its base and side is an impressive sight!

Wied Il-Ghasri Gozo: A Scenic Island Escape

Welcome to the beauty of Wied Il-Ghasri, a natural wonder on the north coast of Gozo with breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear waters, where nature unfolds in a mesmerising display of landscapes. A ferry away from the main Island of Malta lies a hidden gem on the Gozo Island waiting to be discovered - the secluded inlet of Wied il-Ghasri Beach.

Gozo Salt Pans: Natural Beauty at Xwejni

Discover the centuries-old salt pans, a testament to time's enduring allure on the picturesque Island of Gozo. As you stand amidst these enchanting landscapes, envision terraced fields stretching to the horizon, adorned with a mesmerising mosaic of glistening white salt crystals.

Qbajjar and Marsalforn Bay

Your visit will include a stop at Qbajjar and Marsalforn Bay in the North of Gozo, which are popular seaside destinations with beautiful seascape views.

Please note: We make every effort to ensure our Gozo Quad Bike tours run smoothly and according to the specified itineraries. However, although it’s rarely required, we reserve the right to modify our itineraries as we deem necessary to keep everything running comfortably and on time.

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