10 reasons why you must sightsee Malta and Gozo by Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-Tuks are a fun, family-friendly way to travel, accessing cherished places off the beaten track which other tour providers, like Hop-on Hop-off buses just can’t reach. 

Yippee Malta brought Tuk-Tuks to the Maltese islands and reinvigorated the tour sector. Visitors were happy to trade traditional and outdated bus tours for more exhilarating journeys in the open air, getting up close to lesser-known landmarks, experiencing Malta and Gozo like a true local.

So, in today’s blog, we give you 10 reasons to tour Malta and Gozo, by Tuk-Tuk

1)    Tuk-Tuk’s make you smile and are an exhilarating ride. Our happy chariots suit the Maltese climate and landscape. Open- sided, with natural air conditioning and a sun canopy -they are built to withstand 300 days of yearly sunshine. Gozo was once famously described as an island of “yells, bells and smells” - so relax, buckle-up and immerse yourself in the sights, scents and sounds of Gozo, encountering all from the close-up comfort of your Tuk-Tuk.

2)    Our Tuk-Tuk’s take you to places other tourist transport can’t reach AND give you priority access. Tuk-Tuk’s easily zip along the narrow side streets of Gozo’s capital Victoria and across rural valleys and coastal trails. Discover treasures hidden among our ancient side streets, rural valleys and coastal cliffs. Tuk-Tuk’s easily climb the hill up to The Cittadella, (Gozo’s ancient fortified city), parking by its entrance, passing hop-on hop off tourists climbing the steep steps up to the attraction. Our Tuk-Tuk’s escort you to geographical wonders, hidden beaches and cultural landmarks not featured in other tours, like Sanap Cliffs, Ta’ Kenuna Tower, Qala Belvedere and Wied il-Mielah window.

3)    Who said transport has to be boring? Yippee’s Tuk-Tuks shine their brightest colours, so you can too! Get noticed and look fabulous touring in our Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, our Luzu boat inspired or Maltese Cross tiled Tuk-Tuk.   We bring the colours, comfort and cultural insights, you bring the attitude and Instagram poses. With full Wifi on board simply pose and upload!

4)    Each Tuk-Tuk can carry up to 6 passengers, so guests get a personal tour, led by an expert driver /visual storyteller passionate about Maltese culture and history, who remembers everyone’s name. Become part of a Tuk-Tuk family for a day, or book your family onto an unforgettable Tuk-Tuk trip. With Yippee Malta, there’s NO queuing to board a bus, or waiting for crowds to arrive back on board, before you can set off to your next location.

5)    OK, here’s a quick history lesson for you – early Tuk-Tuk’s made an unusual sound which is how they got their name. There’s a friendly rivalry between Italy, Japan and Germany who all claim they invented the first Tuk-Tuk/Auto rickshaw. (https://tuktukph.top/the-history-of-the-auto-rickshaw-tuk-tuk/). What we do know for sure, is that early Tuk-Tuk engines made a ‘tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk’ sound and the name stuck! 

6)    Love the planet while discovering more of it. Altogether, Yippee Malta has a fleet of 14 Tuk-Tuks, 5 of these are 100% electric (and, we plan to introduce more electric vehicles to our growing fleet). We tell customers they run on fun. So, if you fancy reducing your carbon footprint, but still satisfying your wanderlust - book a trip on one of our fully-electric Tuk-Tuks.

7)    Our Tuk-Tuk tours are always memorable. Passengers visit sites which are kept a closely guarded secret by locals. Our Yippee Malta team go that extra mile to ensure your experience is unforgettable.  Get set for our fully green Eco/Agricultural tour soon launching in Malta, escorting passengers to the lush green valleys of Malta’s rural heartland, meeting the experts working the land and tasting the fruits of their labour.

8)    Tuk-Tuk’s offer hassle-free travel for families of all ages. Buckle-up comfortably in forward facing seats, fitted with regulation seat belts and with ample leg room. Plus, you are driven by a tour guide/visual storyteller who knows the easiest routes (so, no arguing over map reading!)  Tuk-Tuks are easy to get on and off, have no steep steps or stairs for the little ones or elderly relatives to climb. Enjoy our soft island breeze while witnessing exciting panoramic views.

9)    They say 3 is the magic number and freewheeling in our 3-wheeled Tuk-Tuk’s is loads of fun.  We reckon everyone should try ‘the power of 3’ at least once!

10) Don’t just take our word for it, read our positive customer feedback. Check out our TripAdvisor reviews here: (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g190318-d14126147-Reviews-Yippee-Xaghra_Island_of_Gozo.html)

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