Tastes and Flavours of the Maltese islands

Amazing Food, Traditional Delicacies

Gozitan food is authentic, seasonal and tasty, delighting all your senses in a rich Mediterranean bite. Over the centuries invaders such as the Romans, the Arabs and the French have influenced our island´s cuisine, along with our close proximity to Sicily. 


Artisan producers in Gozo cultivate a selection of olives, fruits, award-winning wines and cheeses. We also have a plentiful supply of locally landed fish. As you´d expect our islanders are proud of Gozo´s traditional delicacies, which tempt food lovers back again and again. One mouthful and you too will be hooked.


Why not book our Traditional Gozitan Lunch if you are planning a tour with us? Costing just €8 per person, this 45 minute meal lets you savor the true tastes of Gozo, eating like a local while enjoying coastal views from Mello Bar and Grill overlooking Marsalforn Bay.


For starters, try Hobz biz-zejt, our soft, crusty Gozitan bread spread with a rich-tasting home-made tomato paste and topped with a drizzle of local virgin olive oil. This is served with our Gozo Peppered Cheeselets, Gbejna tal-Bzar made from sheep, goat or cow´s milk and seasoned with pepper, salt and vinegar for a unique rich flavour


Then try our traditional Ftira, made from unleavened dough and topped with thinly sliced potatoes, olives, tomatoes and anchovies. If, by then, your taste-buds are craving something sweet, helwa ta tork is our after dinner-treat. This sweet-treat is made from crushed and whole almonds and is a popular after-dinner dessert for local families.


Gozo´s sunshine and cool breeze create the perfect conditions for wine cultivation. So, enjoy these local delicacies with a chilled glass of Gozitan wine produced by one of our highly acclaimed vineyards. Water is also available. Then, simply raise your glass and say Bis-Sahha, just like any local.