Qala Belvedere

Qala is the easternmost village on the island of Gozo and one of the oldest villages tracing its origins to the pre-history. Many legends are woven into the village’s histoiy. One of the oldest legends involves Kerrew, a religious hermit from Malta who like most hermits lived in a cave. When a jealous prank was devised to induce him to break his holy ways, he ?ed Malta. Arriving at the northern channel separating Gozo from Malta, he threw his moth-eaten old cloak over the water and miraculously foated across the channel, landing at Hondoq, Qala’s sandy cove. 

Here, seeking refuge in another cave, he continued his holy lifestyle until his venerated and peaceful death. The strategic location of Qala overlooking the Fliegu channel and the harbours made it an ideal defensive location; the Fliegu is the stretch of sea separating the islands of Gozo, Comino and Malta. The Belvedere of Qala offers spectacular views of Comino, Cominotto and the Blue Lagoon set in-between the two major islands. On the left- hand side of the Belvedere we observe a church with small courtyard. This is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rocks. Legend has it that it was built for the people of Comino to follow Holy Mass from across the sea when rough weather prohibited the priest from being ferried by boat.

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